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Defined Benefit Plans Are the New ERISA Litigation Targets

ERISA litigation doesn’t only target 401(k) plans and ESOPs. Here are some current lawsuits challenging defined benefit plan practices.

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One Bad Apple Won’t Spoil The Pie-New MEP Rules Proposed

Newly proposed IRS regulations would eliminate a risk that deters employers from participating in multiple employer plans.

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Do Your Participants Read Their Plan Documents? Why It May Matter

How long do participants have to sue for fiduciary breaches? The Supreme Court will decide.

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Investment Advisers and Managers-Do You Know the Difference?

Carol was interviewed in this article on ERISA 3(21) advisers and 3(38) investment managers and why you should consider hiring them.

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Why You Should Send Your Fiduciaries to School

Nobody is born knowing how to be a fiduciary, which is why learning how to best fulfill fiduciary responsibilities is so important.

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Will Trilantic Limit The Impact of Sun Capital Partners? More Litigation Over Private Equity Fund Title IV Liability

Will other courts impose pension liabilities on private equity funds?

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IRS Allows Retiree Cashouts Again-Consider the Benefits and Risks

These issues should be on your radar screen if you are considering retiree cashouts.

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