The Intelligent Fiduciary Series - All New 2018 Guide


Carol Buckmann has been blogging and speaking about fiduciary best practices for many years. Her guidance for fiduciaries has appeared in her popular blog series that was published by Cohen & Buckmann last year as the Original Intelligent Fiduciary Guide and she has also educated fiduciaries about best practices in presentations for Worldwide Employee Benefits (WEB) and Westlaw.  We have compiled some of her more popular recent posts in a new 2018 edition of the Guide that is now available on on this page.  Click to learn more about the lawyers of Cohen & Buckmann P.C.

To read Carol Buckmann's popular series, which offers short and important lessons for fiduciaries, click below to download immediately, and sign up for our periodic fiduciary newsletter.    We promise we won't share your contact information with anyone else.



P.S. You didn't download the original guide? Click here for the prior "Intelligent Fiduciary" series.