IRS Allows Retiree Cashouts Again-Consider the Benefits and Risks

These issues should be on your radar screen if you are considering retiree cashouts.

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The 2019 Intelligent Fiduciary Guide

Employee plan litigation is not going away. The all new 2019 Intelligent Fiduciary Guide contains contains Carol Buckmann’s most popular posts and articles on fiduciary issues and best practices.

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It's Audit Time--Do You Know What Your Recordkeeper is Doing?

Plan administration needs to be a team effort. Understand and fulfill your responsibilities to avoid costly errors.

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Can States Decide Who Is A Fiduciary? Nevada Ignores ERISA Preemption

States shouldn’t have a role in the regulation of pension plan fiduciaries. Nevada needs to step back and craft an ERISA exemption.

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Hiring an Investment Adviser? Here's What You Need to Know

Hiring fiduciaries need to look at more than just fees and past performance.

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Are You Liable for Unfunded Pensions? Don’t Ignore Successor Liability (Part 2)

Buyers, don’t be blindsided by hidden pension liabilities.

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