Our clients consult us for practical and affordable legal advice to resolve compensation and employee benefit issues. 

  • Executive Compensation. Sophisticated incentive planning arrangements for employers. Simplifying complex topics, such as non-qualified deferred compensation (Section 409A or Section 457(f)) or selection of equity plan type.

    • Executive compensation attorney advice throughout senior management issues that arise during employment contract or merger negotiations, including managing U.S. golden parachute taxes (Section 280G).

  • Pensions and 401(k) Plans. Keeping qualified pensions affordable, navigating regulatory issues for employers, harmonizing benefits after mergers and acquisitions.

    • ERISA attorney advice on compliance, trouble-shooting and corrections for pensions and 401(k) plans, including fiduciary responsibility, avoiding prohibited transactions and navigating IRS audits.

    • Cohen & Buckmann provides plan qualification opinions at a low fixed fee.   Click here to review our program.

  • Employee Benefits.  We help employers assess compliance on employee benefits regulations and negotiate service agreements with employee benefit vendors.

  • Canada Cross-Border Employment.  Because of our many Canadian clients, we focus on Canada every day, and can help you navigate cross-border tax, pension and employment issues for U.S. employees and expatriates.